Introducing the new material for SS22 - recycled Lycra

We love working with sustainable materials, we find it super exciting. That's why we always try to find new materials to work with and this season we have introduced a new material worth highlighting - recycled Lycra. 

Recycled Lycra is made from old fishing nets and textile cutoffs. The material is elastic and found on most sports clothes. To manufacture Lycra takes a large toll on the environment because it takes a lots of energy to produce and it's not biodegradable. That's why we at Surface Project decided to include recycled Lycra in our new collection. 

"More than 100 million pounds of plastic from industrial fishing gear pollute the oceans each year—threatening marine life."

In the styles GRO and IDUN the upper part is made 17% out of recycled Lycra. Going forward we will keep working with new materials and keep on learning and pushing for what we believe in. So we can do our part to make planet earth a better and cleaner place for the future generations.

The styles with recycled Lycra:


Also available in BLUE


Also available in BLACK