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Vegan, sustainable and comfortable like never before!

Surface project works to the greatest extent possible with certifications that can verify that a product is sustainably produced, is traceable and meets some high criteria. Different certifications have different requirements but have in common that the products must be inspected, checked, and fulfil the conditions that are part of the individual certification.

We promote sustainability by having clear goals regarding energy savings and implementation of recycled materials. It is our ambition to continuously expand our selection of sustainable alternatives and strive to be the sustainable pioneers in our area.


The SEAQUAL Initiative challenges plastic pollution and helps to clean our oceans of Marine Litter, helping society move towards a circular economy. The SEAQUAL Initiative is a unique collaborative model involving NGOs, Fishermen, Researchers, Scientists, Authorities and Private Stakeholders to clean the Ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, beaches, and coastlines.

By collaborating with the SEAQUAL Initiative, will we be supporting ocean clean-ups in the fight against marine Litter. As a SEAQUAL Licensee we can support the SEAQUAL Initiative and produce and sell products containing Upcycled Marine Plastic.

GRS – Global Recycling Standard 

Is an international label for the traceability of at least 50% recycled textile material in a final product. The standard takes the entire chain into consideration and includes the entire product or fabric from raw material to the finished product. It ensures that the material contains recycled parts, and also includes environmental factors, chemical restrictions and social aspects.

GRS has 2 different certifications

Class 1:
Only products consisting of a minimum of 50% recycled material may be marked with GRS. If a product does not consist of 100% GRS certified content, this must be clearly stated.

Class 2:
Products with several different types of recycled material must declare this in the specified percentage for each type of material.

RCS – Recycling Claim Standard 

Is a mark for traceability of recycled textile material. RCS has no requirements regarding environmental aspects of the production process (water and energy consumption), social aspects, safety-related issues and legislation. RCS covers products consisting of 5-100% recycled material.

RCS has 2 different certifications


Class 1: RCS 100 Guarantees 100% Recycled Materials In A Product.


Class 2: RCS Blended Guarantees 5-95% Recycled Materials.


FSC Is An International Member Organization Working For Responsible Use Of The World’s Forests. Wood Products That Are FSC Certified Are Sustainably Harvested Regarding The Environment And Social Conditions That Protect Endangered Species And Strengthen The Rights Of Workers And Natives.