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A proactive, sustainable solution to the ocean plastic problem

Every day, over 8 million tons of plastic makes its way into oceans around the world. That’s up to 90% of the marine debris in some bodies of water. Here at SURFACE PROJECT, we think our planet – and our future – deserves better, and we wanted to do something about it.

SURFACE PROJECT is Denmark’s first 100% sustainable footwear company, creating sneakers, sandals and running shoes entirely from upcycled ocean plastic, post-consumer plastic and reclaimed, natural ingredients. We’ve partnered with the team at Seaquel (www.seaquel.org) who works with fishing boats all around the world to pull macroplastic out of the ocean, which we deconstruct and turn into the material for your SURFACE PROJECT shoes. Then, our shoe lab in Spain assembles each pair using natural cork, reclaimed rubber and chemical-free dyes. And, of course, every purchase is shipped in a carbon-neutral way and arrives in a box made entirely of recycled materials.

This means you can have confidence whenever you wear our shoes – not only that you look great, but that you’re helping the planet as well.

We’re committed to sustainability at every step along the way, and to a business model that’s based on a circular process. That’s why we’ll also give you 20% off your next pair of SURFACE PROJECT shoes when you’re ready for an update if you send your old pair back to us. Once plastic is out of the ocean, we want to keep it that way – and we think you deserve a reward for helping us with our mission. Read more and learn how to get your discount by clicking the SURFACE20 tab.

Thanks for being part of our vision for a clean, environmentally-conscious future.

– Samir Souid, founder of SURFACE PROJECT –