Surface Project
Make the world a better place - save the ocean and look good while doing it

In 2017 shoe designer and entrepreneur Samir Souid saw a documentary that would change his life. “A Plastic Ocean”, the prize-winning film from journalist Craig Leeson. The film shows how plastic is being dumped in the ocean, around eight million tons annually. This affects the environment and biodiversity. That's how Surface Project, Denmark’s first 100% sustainable sneaker was founded.

We have researched and developed our product and now after two years the first collection from Surface Project is ready. The shoes are available in six colors. White, black, navy, petroleum green, burgundy and burnt orange. The first Danish sneakers to be 100% sustainably produced. Not treated with any chemicals or dyed with ingrendients that can be harmful to the environment. Rubber soles made from reclaimed sneaker soles and insoles made from moisture-absorbing natural cork.

At Surface Project, we protect the environment and social responsibility. We work on a daily basis to reduce the environmental impact in all our joints. It is a comprehensive and continuous process of major challenges that requires creative solutions, commitment, and collaboration.

Economic, social and environmental aspects is important for us and the vision is to run our business in a sustainable way based on it. Products are manufactured and handled with care for people and the environment. We try to live this up both in our own company and through ongoing dialogue with and surveys of our suppliers.

- Samir Souid